Media production - Project CC04

Objective: Create a visually engaging reel for distribution on Instagram.

- Size 1080 x 1920 ( vertical )
- Length 8-10 seconds
- Create a fast pace transition video from content provided. See examples.
- Edit each clip/image to enhance color, brightness, and contrast.
- Bitrate to match Instagram requirements
- High contrasting colors to match @SkeletonHD IG page
-  Mix between life style ( military ) and shots that include the skulls. The viewer must understand clearly this is a jewelry company that sells skull bracelets.
- Add logo on last clip ( change logo to white if needed ) - add directly on last clip.

- Tip: look at the clips backwards to see opportunities. 

- These are some transitions to use as a guide for style:

- This profile uses similar techniques


Music: use MP3 music file in folder above. Use beat time between 0.42 - 1.07 as needed.

Our website:

- Use creative abilities to crop, playback, zoom in/out if needed to make the video consistent.
- Consistent quality across frames
- Project quality and luxury
- Target market are men 30+ yrs ( must stay professional )