How to apply:

Complete the following two (2) tasks. Then, send results and your resume to 

1 - Take a few minutes to transform a raw image into colors and vibes to fit the brand's Instagram page. Feel free to enhance, change and edit any aspects that are needed to produce a visually appealing result. 

Target mood:

2 - Create and impose a shaking SkeletonHD logo on the bottom right of the video found in the media folder. Logo is also included in folder. Use a similar effect to the Tiktok shaking logo imposed on Tiktok videos. 

Find media here: Application Task Media Folder

PS: don’t overthink these tasks. Make a few edits and send results along with your resume to:


You are also invited to send any media links, portfolios or relevant projects. Even a Reel or Tiktok you’ve created. 

No need to resubmit you resume to Indeed.  

Successful first round applicants will be contacted within 7 days of submitting resumes and required tasks listed above.


This page is related to job posting SKL-0628 on indeed.